3 More Batman Begins Set Reports!

What was happening on the Batman Begins set Monday night? (The following reports contain minor spoilers, so don’t proceed if you’d rather now know) Scooper ‘D$$$’ has the word…

I was at night 2 of filming on Wacker Ave. They are filming SWAT, cops on horseback, and gotham squad cars crossing the bridge. They then converge on an office building (Gotham City Hall?). The helicopter covered this shot once and bailed out. The next shot they set up was a bunch of reporters huddled around a mystery actor couldnt tell who it was but the news van was gotham channel 29. I have to say it was pretty boring, especially not seeing any action, but what can you do. The crew told me they are doing some more aerial shots tonight, but I decided not to stick around.

‘crazyben’ confirms the above and adds some other bits…

I was just downtown in the LOOP of Chicago where Bat Begins is being film. I saw them filming a GPD SWAT scene on the corner of Franklin and Wacker Dr. I could get close but they had the water truck out there so they might be doing a type of chase or spin out with in the next few nights. I also noticed that the Bruce, and Jim Gorden trailers were missing. I haven’t heard yet if they are some were else but I will keep SHH posted. Can anyone tell me if Katie Holmes will be in town anytime soon?

‘Tyler’ seems to have the answer to that last question. Here’s what he writes about the filming two nights ago…

I was an extra last night Sunday August 8th for Batman Begins. And everything everyone was saying about us is true so no need to retype but, Katie Holmes was there, her stand in was there more but she shot some dialogue while we running towards and over the bridge. WE were not escorting her though only the swat had control as reports of the bat were scaring gotham-ites. The bat is in the asylum which is located over the franklin bridge. Lots of running and exhaustion, for about 2 scenes but was damn worth it.

Source: Superhero Hype!