The Bat Signal to be Filmed?! And More…

The reports from Chicago continue with this one from ‘Batfan #1’…

I have some more informations about the helicopter filming that’s happening this weekend for BATMAN BEGINS, here in Chicago. I have an office that overlooks the Franklin Street location, and I’ve been monitoring the progress all morning.

The exciting part is what they are going to be filming.


As I type this, the crew is currently on a lunch break, but they’ve been assembling the Bat Signal all morning. Currently, they have the support structure for it almost finished. Also, the Southern face of the building next to the BatSignal has a sheet of bluescreen on it, about four feet tall, hanging off the top of the building. A brown tarp is covering the blue screen, I presume to protect it from sunlight.

On one of the buildings across the street from where the BatSignal will stand, they’ve got some of their lighting equipment already placed.

No sign of the actual Signal itself, but I am VERY excited to see what THAT looks like.

A block away, on Washington, is the parking lot for the equipment trucks and the extra cars (Love the Gotham license plates) and the GPD police cars were there for the first part of last week. No sign of the Tumblers, yet.

Also, a friend of mine is on the crew for the film and he tells me that we will be seeing the helicopter filming tonight around 9:00PM. He says that it will be doing skyline stuff and flying to and over the Bat Signal tonight. He says that the Signal is a working model. He doesn’t think that it will really shoot a “bat symbol” on overhead clouds, but that the beam from it, should be VERY visible.

I, for one, am VERY excited about having WARNER BROTHERS here for the summer. There’s a certain amount of pride in walking around the streets of Gotham. We are all, very happy to have them here.

Wish I could get some pics of the Bat Signal for you. I imagine that will be quite a site. I’ll see what I can manage.

Well, got to head back to the window, to check on the crew’s progress.

Excellent report, thanks much! ‘Der Milkman’ also has an update on the filming schedule…

I’m going to call this a good sign – it looks like they’re trying for reality before instantly going to CGI for making the nighttime city look populated:


The filming of “The Intimidation Game” (rumor has it this is the new Batman movie!) is still underway in our area. Warner Brothers has requested that the tenants in the buildings in the surrounding area leave interior lights on during the following times:

6pm, Friday, August 6th to 6am, Saturday, August 7th

6pm, Saturday, August 7th to 6am, Sunday, August 8th

They are hoping to establish an active city environment as they film throughout the night.

Source: Superhero Hype!