Bryan Singer Makes the Move to WB

Variety reports that “X-Men” series director Bryan Singer is making the move to Warner Bros. Pictures for a production deal now that 20th Century Fox has ended his first-look deal.

In March, Singer pacted with WB to direct a remake of “Logan’s Run.” Then in July, Singer’s representatives ended longstanding talks with Fox for Singer to helm X-Men 3 and quickly completed negotiations with Warner Bros. for him to replace McG on Superman.

Eager to quickly move the movie into production, WB went so far as to make a pay-or-play offer to Singer if he’d consent to make Superman fly post-haste, says the trade. He took it, and Fox soon notified him that his deal there was over.

Who will direct X-Men 3 for Fox remains unclear, as does its potential start date. The trade adds that Singer would be happy to be involved with the third film even if only as a producer, but the ball is in Fox’s court.

Source: Variety