Batman Begins this Weekend in Chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article on the Batman Begins filming that is starting in the city. Here’s a clip…

Brenda Sexton, executive director of the Illinois Film Office, said it was Lower Wacker that really got the casting agent’s attention. The underground throughway, with its twists and dim lighting, is rumored to be the hidden way to the famous bat cave.

“They really fell in love with Lower Wacker,” Sexton said. “They liked Lower Wacker so much that they re-wrote the script to give it more time.”

Chicago had a prominent role in another big-screen superhero blockbuster: “Spider-Man 2.” A fight on a moving L car was filmed in Chicago.

For more on the locations, visit the link above. Let us know if you get a glimpse of the filming!

Source: Chicago Sun-Times