Spider-Man 2 Box Office & Villain Talk

ComingSoon.net reports that Spider-Man 2 surpassed the $300 million mark today…

Sony’s Spider-Man 2 dropped to second place after a two week reign at the top, adding $24.2 million from 4,058 theaters to push its massive domestic total to $301.7 million. It surpassed the $300 million mark in 19 days (Sunday), which is one day shy of the 18-day record set by Shrek 2 in May. Spider-Man took 22 days to reach the mark in May of 2002. The $210 million sequel has climbed to the 20th spot on the all-time domestic blockbuster list, and has earned $415.6 million worldwide.

Hit the link above for the full box office report. Meanwhile, ‘Dark Knight’ has a bit more on the possible villains for Spider-Man 3

Was watching ‘The Return of Spider-Man’ this afternoon, a program about the UK premiere of Spidey 2 and behind the scenes, interviews with cast etc.

Just something small, but they stopped Sam Raimi on the red carpet and said: “We’ve heard you’ve got two villains lined up for the next one. Can you confirm this?”. Sam said: “Yes.” But wouldn’t say which ones.

UPDATE: Scooper ‘Big Wheel’ has an update on what Raimi actually said (includes a Spidey 2 spoiler)…

I saw that Sam Raimi bit on the UK show The Return of Spider-Man. In fact Raimi said yes – then very quickly no! He Joked it off by saying that yes, he COULDN’T confirm that there would be two villians in SpiderMan 3. As clear as mud then! But given that two potential villians were introduced in Spider-Man 2 – The Lizard and Harry as Green Goblin II – I reckon Raimi was telling the truth with his first answer!

Source: Superhero Hype!