Why No One Want Make Hulk 2?!

The Onion has posted a hilarious article written by The Hulk himself about why no one has started making The Hulk 2 yet. Here’s a clip…

Many unanswered questions from last Hulk movie. What happen to puny human Banner in rainforest? Is there cure for Hulk? Will General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross leave Hulk alone? Is there future with Betty Ross? Where villains that make comic so great, like Abomination, Wendigo, and Leader? Hulk hate Leader and Leader’s big head. What happen to Grey Hulk? And where Hulk’s friend Rick Jones? He only one that understand Hulk. Rick? Rick!? Raaaaahhhh! Sometimes Hulk so sad and alone.

Check it out in full at the link above. Thanks to ‘Gregtastic’ and ‘Jay’ for the heads up.

Source: The Onion