Vic Mizzy Weaves Fresh Theme on Spider-Man 2 DVD

Fans may find themselves humming Danny Elfman’s melodies after watching Spider-Man battle Doc Ock in theaters this summer, but when the Spider-Man 2 DVD arrives in stores later this year they’ll likely be singing an altogether different tune. At the request of director Sam Raimi, legendary composer Vic Mizzy–writer of the “Green Acres” and “The Addams Family” themes, among others–has crafted a new motif for the celebrated superhero, blending a memorable melody and catchy “zoom-zoom, ba-da-ba-da-boom” hook into an uplifting celebration of Spidey’s amazing arachnid powers. The tune will be heard on the DVD playing over a section featuring the film’s outtakes and bloopers.

“They sent me a videocassette of the first picture, and just from looking at it I could see certain things that would be great,” says Mizzy, who also sings in the track. “Once people hear this song they’ll definitely remember it. It’s a catchy theme, and my lyrics really capture everything about Spider-Man. That’s what’s so great about it.”

Spider-Man 2 is the first movie Mizzy has contributed to in some time, focusing most of his energies in recent years on penning pop tunes. Late last year he released “Songs for the Jogging Crowd,” his debut non-soundtrack album, spotlighting ten entirely new numbers, written and performed by the renowned composer, including “Name Dropping,” which inventively lampoons the Hollywood ‘in crowd,’ and the bittersweet yet beautiful “When Your Dreams are Younger Than You.” During the 1960s and 1970s, his themes graced more than a dozen movies, including the classic Don Knotts comedies “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” and “The Reluctant Astronaut,” along with such TV fare as “Mister Ed,” “Petticoat Junction” and, of course, “The Addams Family” and “Green Acres.”

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Source: Wolfson Public Relations