Guillermo del Toro on Hellboy Director’s Cut & Sequel

Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro provided an update on the upcoming Director’s Cut DVD and the sequel on the official message board

Director’s cut: I was hoping to have it released in Europe and Japan. As it turns out it will released theatrically only in France…

DVD (Director’s cut): Comes out in November (3 discs) all the same extras (minus commntary track original) but with an extra disc full of features. The special box edition will have a SIDESHOW HELLBOY mini-bust. This disc has my preferred cut (15 extra mnutes but they go a loong way in terms of story and character) and a new commentary track that I feel very happy with.

SEQUEL: More on this later, but lemme say this: The storyline for it has been approved by Revolution and we are now clear to start the script.

Hit the link above for more of what he said.

Source: Superhero Hype!