Batman Begins Teaser Trailer with “I, Robot”

Cinescape has learned that the first teaser trailer for Warner Bros.’ Batman Begins will play in theaters with Will Smith’s “I, Robot”…

We have seen the evidence ourselves that Warner Bros. has struck a deal with 20th Century Fox to ship the trailer for BATMAN BEGINS with prints of Fox’s I, ROBOT to theaters across the continent. I, ROBOT will begin its theatrical run on July 16, and that will also be the same day that the trailer for BATMAN BEGINS will be seen. We have also been able to confirm the running time of the BATMAN trailer: it’s one minute, five second in length.

Since “I, Robot” is not a Warner Bros. film, we don’t expect the teaser trailer to be “attached,” or playing with every copy of “I, Robot”. Make sure you call the theater ahead of time to see if they will be showing the clip with their copy or copies.

Thanks to ‘Chris A’ for the heads up.

Source: Cinescape