Spider-Man 2 Marketing Heats Up

The Hollywood Reporter spoke about the massive amount of Spidey marketing accompanying the film. Here’s a sample:

“Embassy Suites has been giving out a “Web Pack” of Spider-Man toys and a Spider-Man camera to children staying at its 174 hotels across the country as part of its promotion running through Sept. 12. Embassy Suites, part of the Hilton Group, is spending about $2 million on television, print, direct-mail and online advertising to support the promotion and will also be a promotional partner for the DVD release of the film, said John Lee, vp brand equity marketing.

MLB said it was “very pleased” with the results of its promotional weekend, in which Spider-Man masks and foam hands were given away to children under 14 as part of the deal in which Sony paid MLB about $2.5 million.

Fifteen MLB clubs hosting home games during the event promoted the weekend with in-game broadcasts, local radio and TV ads and in-stadium signage and video boards, said Kathleen Fineout, director of marketing communications. “It’s unfortunate that a small but vocal segment of our fan base opposed the promotion, but it still was a great promotion,” she said.

On the licensing front, Activision has made a “Spider-Man 2” game that allows players to take Spider-Man anywhere in Manhattan — and it does not limit the superhero to just a few city blocks. Activision also is running a major advertising campaign for its “Spider-Man 2” game.

Sprint PCS has licensed Spider-Man ring tones, screensavers and a couple of mobile games that are accessible through PCS vision phones. The deal with Sony Pictures Digital also enables Sprint customers to program their cell phones with the voice of Spider-Man telling them to pick up their phone.

Sprint will be offering the Spider-Man cell phone features exclusively through July, said Sprint PCS spokeswoman Jenny Stevens.

Crest has licensed “Spider-Man 2” for a spinbrush and toothpaste that have been on sale since last month. Leapfrog is selling the Amazing Spider-Man LeapPad, the first licensed platform in the LeapFrog LeapPad family, exclusively at Toys “R” Us. ToyBiz has made a new version of its popular Web Blaster called the Triple Web Blaster that shoots water, darts and string.

And AOL has sent out via direct mail millions of disks branded with Spider-Man for AOL 9.0.

Despite expectations from a number of promotional partners that their products would be featured in the actual film, the only product label clearly visible was Maker’s Mark bourbon, said to be a favorite of director Sam Raimi. UPP Entertainment Marketing, which arranged for the product placement, said no fees were paid to Sony for the brief view of the Maker’s Mark label during the film.”

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Source: Hollywood Reporter