Spoiler Spider-Man 2 TV Spot, the Premiere & More

First a reminder! The Spider-Man 2 premiere will take place Tuesday night at Mann’s Village Theatre in Westwood, CA. Stay tuned to all the entertainment programs for coverage on the big event!

Also, you can now listen to Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper extremely positive review of Spider-Man 2 by clicking here (thumbs up all around!).

We’ve received word from two scoopers about a new Spider-Man 2 TV spot that’s now airing which includes pretty big spoilers. Turn back now if you’d rather not know! First up is ‘Phatmaster2k5’…

Hey, I just got back from the gym. While I was there I was watching VH1 (yeah I know, really working out) and during commercials they showed a brand new Spider-Man 2 TV spot. This was a really revealing spot so don’t read on if you don’t want to know anything.

*SPOILERS* It started out with a couple scenes we have already seen but then a really pumping song came on and it showed Ock and Spidey duking it out on the street, then it showed Harry picking up a vile of the same Goblin formula his dad used to become the Green Goblin. It continued on then showed Peter being carried by a bunch of people with his costume torn to shreds and with no mask, and showed the scene in the train when Pete has no mask on ethier. It ended with a few cool fighting shots of Spidey and Ock in the dock and then the final scene was a large shot of the big web Peter’s on and MJ looking up at him.*END SPOILERS*

It was about a minute long but was really cool.

‘Jspider13’ confirms this by saying it aired on the USA network as well…

I was watching this Meryl Streep thing on USA and they just aired a brand new Spidey 2 TV spot that was showed probably the most unseen spoilers. Here’s the rundown (Major spoilers):

-Harry looking at the green Oscorp tubes his dad used.

-Spidey crawling alongside a giant web towards MJ who’s stuck to it.

-Spidey being carried by a mob of people on his back with his mask off.

-More of the tower battle.

-More of the train battle.

We’ve also been receiving lots of e-mails about a new “Spider-Man India” comic that Marvel is launching in that country. For details, click here.

Source: Superhero Hype!