Go Inside the 2004 Superman Celebration!

A long time friend to SHH and all around “Superhero” Scott Cranford has been the official SUPERMAN for Metropolis’s annual Superman Celebration. Here Scott has put in his own words an inside look of what it takes to be the Man of Steel, Superman.

Superman & Me

by Scott Cranford

In 2000 I had already spent many years pursuing a career in the Superhero entertainment business. I created many original superheroes, written several superhero screenplays and I would go out for any roles that had to do with superheroes. I happened to be listening to a radio program when it was announced that there was a nationwide search for someone to portray the man of steel for the 2000 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois.

I sent the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce everything I had done that had to do with Superman. I was surprised to find out I had beaten out hundreds of applicants for the roll. I had always been a Superman fan and it was surreal when I was placed in full Superman attire between Lois Lanes’ Margot Kidder & Noel Neill to sign autographs for the attendees of the festival. Since then I have met and worked with dozens of creative people associated with Superman including actors, Marc McClure, Valerie Perrine, Sarah Douglas, Jack O’ Halloran, Jeff East, Broadway’s Superman, Bob Holiday, Adam West, Yvonne Craig, Julie Newmar, DC Legends, Mike Carlin and Jeph Loeb, Artists Steve Rude, Steve Stanley and Alex Ross who’s wife T.J. has played opposite me several years as Lois Lane in live Superman productions that have taken place in the Merv Griffin theater in Metropolis.

This year’s celebration brought in Shazam’s Jackson Bostwick, The Adventures of Superman’s Lois Lane: Noel Neill (who has been there every year that I have and I have grown quite fond of).

When I received the job of Superman five years ago, I was told to expect to ‘be’ Superman from the minute you step off the plane to the minute you leave. My job actually starts here in Los Angeles with many radio and newspaper interviews to help promote the event. When I arrive in Metropolis, I kick off with local TV, radio & newspaper interviews. The Celebration always begins with a drama in Superman Square where villains such as Lex Luthor or Doomsday will try to hamper the Celebration. This year it was Brainiac threatening to shrink the city of Metropolis and put it into a bottle. As usual ‘Superman’ was able to thwart his evil ploy. Immediately after I start the Celebration with the ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the famous Superman statue with the Mayor of Metropolis.

The four day celebration is packed with events all of which I try to make at least a quick appearance in full Superman attire. Some events include: Superman Jeopardy, a weight lifting contest, a six mile foot race, a bicycle ride and a huge car show not to mention the many other contests which I judge and hand out awards at. The Kid’s Superhero contest is one event I always enjoy. The annual dinner on the boat with all the celebrities is always a great relaxing time. There is also an auction sponsored by the Super-Museum which this year had over 200 items. All of which sold. Throughout the celebration I pose for pictures and sign autographs for thousands of attendees both children and adults. This is what I enjoy most about the celebration, seeing the people who come out for it. My most important rule is to never turn down a child who wants a picture or autograph of Superman no matter how late I am running. I remember George Reeves would say whenever he would meet a child; he would do his best to make that child feel special in some way. I always try to follow his tradition, every child is important and it is my job as Superman to make them feel that way and to let them know that I am their friend.

I am so busy during the celebration I sometimes don’t’ get to see some of the famous landmarks such as the giant rock of Kryptonite or the Superman water tower. It has taken me five years to get through Jim Hambricks’ Super-Museum, which features the largest Superman collection on the planet, and it is always a pleasure to see what is new.

This year was truly unique as my wife Marcella and I brought our six-month-old son Jack to experience the great city for the first time. As I fly back to Los Angeles and fall back anonymously into the hustle and bustle of the big city, not unlike Clark Kent, I am comforted to know that there is a city out there called Metropolis where the people know me as Superman where I have many friends!

Keep your eye out for me to appear outside of Metropolis, in a World’s Finest fan film entitled Batman: Madness in which I play Superman. Dark Justice director Aaron Schoenke produces it. I’m also producing a documentary on The Superman Celebration in Metropolis.

Thanks to SHH for the opportunity to discuss the great city of Metropolis and my experiences as Superman at the Superman Celebration.

Scott Cranford – SUPERMAN!

Those wishing more info on Scott Cranford should check out his free children’s entertainment & educational website: www.heroicworld.com featuring many brand new superheroes of his own creation as well as many photos of him as Superman.

*In 1972, Metropolis, IL was given authorization by D.C. Comics to become the official “Hometown of Superman.”

Source: Scott Cranford