Spider-Man 2 Update & Soundtrack Reminder

Before we turn to the latest news, we’d like to give a reminder that the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack hits stores next Tuesday, June 22! You can already pre-order the soundtrack online here and you’ll receive a free poster to go along with it. Clips of the tracks are available at that link as well.

A new commercial aired today and several fans sent in word. First up is ‘Timo Pictures’ who says…

I saw a new spot for Spider-Man 2 tonight on The Daily Show. The Spidey 2 spots thus far have been a little bit bland I think, but this one was awesome. It started with Aunt May saying something like “Everybody loves a hero…” And then Mr. Movie Trailer stepped in with “On June 30th…The Story Continues.” It showed some new footage with some cool FX Shots. I think Sony is only beginning to show us how great this one is gonna be.

‘Jonathan La Para’ appears to have caught the same spot on a different network…

Hey guys. Well I was just watching the simple life 2 and suddenly a spiderman trailer came on showing new footage. First it starts off with aunt may’s speech but cut in half and then you see spidey talking and pictures of mary jane, aunt may, and harry cutting the screen. Then it cut to the train scene and suddenly you see doc ock standing on the train with 2 people on his tentacles hanging has if he’s about to drop them. Pretty cool stuff.

Indeed! ‘Marcus Tank’ also gives a rundown of what was shown on Extra tonight…

Just in case no one got Wednesday’s ‘Extra’ scoop on Spider-Man 2, here’s a rundown. They showed some new footage with Spidey pulling all sorts of cool aerobic flips and stunts, and a new little thing of him on the train. They interviewed Tobey and Kirsten and Tobey didn’t really say anything new except that when he learned about unmasking Spidey he thought that it was a very cool element to throw in. Kristen said that, as usual, she’s very proud of the new script and new movie. Kirsten also said that she’s not sure that she wants to be acting much longer. Some of her future hopes include a comedy role, and she would like to own a restauraunt someday!

‘Micah’ also says…

The WB network will be airing Spider-man 2 footage all week long as part of a “Tangled Web Week”, the TV spot for this showed some new footage as week: one scene of Spider-man and Mary Jane kissing.

Be sure to check that out!

Source: Superhero Hype!