Spider-Man 2 Game Screenshots, Interviews & More

Activision has provided Superhero Hype! with six new screenshots from the Spider-Man 2 movie game which you can view in the SHH-Media gallery. The game can be pre-ordered in all formats by clicking here.

You can check out new video interviews with the Spider-Man 2 cast at Entertainment Tonight. Also, the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci Fi Con says that J.K. Simmons, aka J. Jonah Jameson, will be appearing at the June 27 convention. (Lance Henriksen will also be there talking about Alien vs. Predator).

And ‘gobbles’ tells us that Channel 10 in Australia will be playing a “Simpsons Superhero hour” on Wednesday night at 7:30pm. During the hour they are apparently screening trailers and unseen footage from Spider-Man 2 along with a competition to attend the LA premiere of the movie.

Source: Superhero Hype!