Snap Your Picture with Spidey at Wal-Mart

‘Alexander TheGR8’ sent us this bit on a cool opportunity for kids to take pics with the movie Spider-Man…

Hey Superhero Hype!, love the site! Been a fan since it was just Spider-Man Hype!…anywhoo, speaking of ol’ web head, I work at a Wal-Mart in Wilmington NC and the stores portrait studio is offering a special Spider-Man 2 promotion. You can bring in your kids and have them pose with these really cool backgrounds featuring Spidey doing different poses that I’m guessing he’ll be showing off in the sequel? The one I saw on the display showed Spider-Man crouched down with a hand in the air looking like he’d just landed from jumping off a roof top.

Looked really cool and I think it’s a great idea considering the great amount of marketing aimed at the kids for these types of films…not to say any adults wouldn’t mind doing this either…heck I know I would haha, anyways, just thought I’d update incase any fans out there would want to take their kids. I’m not too sure how much it cost, but of all portrait studios I’ve been in, theirs are pretty low.

Source: Alexander TheGR8