New Spider-Man 2 Footage Shown on ET!

Entertainment Tonight just aired their exclusive behind-the-scenes segment on Spider-Man 2 and ‘Web Slinging’ has sent us the rundown of what was show…

Hey guys, I just caught the ET special on Spider-Man 2 and they had a TON of new footage. They started off with an extended part of the bank scene in which Ock picks up the safe door and throws it across the room between Peter and Aunt May. Everything goes to hell and Peter leaves to change into his alter-ego. They then had a little snippet of Tobey talking about reaching out to all the kids while showing a little bit of the scene where the boy asks Peter about taking pictures of Spider-Man. After that they cut to Alfred saying how cool it was to watch the effects of the movie, even for him as an adult. As he talked they showed a scene of him grabbing moneybags outta the safe then lifting his head as Spidey swoops into the background. They followed this with the previously reported scene of Spidey saving the kids from in front of the truck. Cut to Kirsten Dunst talking about how “beautiful” the film is even during non-action sequences and we are shown a real treat. About 20 or 30 seconds of the train fight between Spidey and Ock. The footage showed some vicious kicks and punches being thrown followed by Ock catching Spidey and heaving him backwards helplessly until he turns around and finds himself heading smack into the bridge. He’s forced to flatten himself out and twist through the opening as seen in the trailer. That about did it. This was easily the best special I’ve seen so far and hopefully everyone was as lucky as me!

Awesome to hear!

Source: Web Slinging