New Batman Begins Movie Updates

We were alerted to some more new updates on Batman Begins, starting with Chicago extras casting info located here. Also, The Pulse has better-quality pics of the Batmobile at the New York Licensing Show.

Then ‘adictsfan’ wrote in with this bit…

My father works in a office down burguss street in Nottingham, eng. with a visable view of the street below. When he drove to work his parking spot was taken by a car with no motor, no seats, and no floor! But some kind of set advisor paid him 40 pounds and gave him a certificate to a restaurant. The license plates to almost all the cars on that street displayed GOTHAM. So they were obviously shooting Batman Begins. When he was in his office he saw that they were setting up wooden fruits and goods stands down the right side of the street. They filmed those stands for hours with people walking up and down the street. Then they filmed all these people running as fast as they can with terrorified looks on there faces and constantly looking back. Concluding that they were being chased by something. This happened monday. Everythng has been normal for the rest of the week.

And ‘Recently2Stepping’ reports in about a CNBC segment on the Licensing Show…

At the end of CNBC’s show Power Lunch today, they showed a three minute report from the NYC Licensing Show. At least a minute of the report was dedicated to WB and the Batmobile. Here’s a transcript of what was said:

Mary Thompson (CNBC Business News):

“It comes as no surprise that Warner Brothers chose this venue to unveil its redesigned Batmobile. This baby weighs in at 2.5 tons and can reach speeds of up to 200 mph. In the back it features a jet fuel burner and back-end flaps for quick stops in the event you come across a penquin crossing the road. This car is going to be one of the stars of Batman Begins, a prequel to the Batman series of movies that’s scheduled to be released in the summer of 2005. Mattel is the master toy licensee, but don’t expect to see an over abundance of Batman Begins toys on shelves. That’s because the head of Warner Brothers consumer products union says in licensing this movie, less is more.”

Dan Romancelli (WB Consumer Products’ Pres.) says:

“The idea is [that] if we narrow the focus, put less product in, it will sustain the brand much longer.”

During the whole segment the Batmobile was rotating on its platform in the background. It truly is a badass vehicle.

Source: Superhero Hype!