Batmobile Featured in the NY Daily News

‘Chaz’ tells us that the NY Daily News featured an article on the Batmobile at New York’s Licensing 2004. You can check out a picture of the Batmobile here and the article here. Here’s a clip (with a spoiler)…

It cost millions to design and produce, and it actually works, its creators at Warner Bros. said.

“It has to get up to 220 mph to get airborne, but then it can jump 20, 30, maybe 40 feet,” said Charles Roven, producer of the upcoming Batman movie. Forty feet?

“We haven’t filmed it jumping yet. That scene will be coming up in the next few weeks,” Roven said.

Also, you can find a scan of the Batmobile image from the print version of the article here.

Source: Chaz