McFarlane Toys’ The Flash Movie Figures Feature Batman Aplenty

They’re here! The long-awaited McFarlane Toys The Flash movie figures should appeal to even fans who don’t care about the movie, since they heavily feature two popular Batmen. Multiverse Batman (a.k.a. Michael Keaton) and Snyderverse Batman (Ben Affleck) will return to toy shelves with revamped costumes and vehicles. The Snyderverse Batcycle, at $29.99, looks a lot like the white Knight comics version. The Batmobile, at an astonishingly low $59.99, sticks close to the 1989 Tim Burton/Anton Furst design, and features a push-button canopy that slides forward and up. The Batwing, however, gets an upgrade, combining elements from both the Tim Burton movies and the animated series.

Said Batwing is also so big and pricey it’s only for sale at the McFarlane Toys store online. Nearly three feet wide, and equipped with a wall mounted display base, it runs $249.99. Like the Batmobile, it fits one figure inside.

Action figures for the movie include both Batmen, a Target exclusive unmasked Keaton, Supergirl, Dark Flash, and two different versions of the good Flash. One wears the new WayneTech suit from the Snyderverse, while the other dons a modified Batman Returns batsuit. (Since Michael Keaton could barely move in that, it’s quite the stretch to imagine anyone can run. But in the Speed Force, all things are possible.)

Notable by his absence is General Zod, who could show up somewhere later in another Multiverse assortment.

Many online retailers pre-sold out instantly, though our friends at Entertainment Earth still have full sets of the figures up as of this writing. (As affiliate partners, Superhero Hype may earn fees from purchases made through that link.) Expect them to hit physical stores next month.

Take a look at some official images below. Then let us know what you think in comments!

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