Burger King Spider-Man 2 Promo a Big Success

Just how popular is Spider-Man 2? According to Burger King Corporation, the Webbed Wonder’s Spider-Active Kids Meal Toys are slinging their way into action at a record pace, while in- restaurant, point-of-purchase merchandising elements for the new Spidey Sense game is vanishing from restaurants as mysteriously as Peter Parker when trouble beckons. Could it be a love story in the making between Spider-Man 2 fans and Burger King merchandising and toys?

According to Burger King Corporation’s Chief Marketing Officer Russ Klein, nearly a million Spider-Active Kids Meal toys were sold on Tuesday of this week, historically the slowest day of the week for all quick service restaurants and only the second day of the Burger King promotion. The first three days of the promotion are already outpacing the hugely successful “Shrek 2” promotion and is rivaling past Burger King promotions at their peak. In fact, some of the Spider-Active Kids Meal Toys are already selling on eBay.

In addition, over the past 24 hours the phones have been ringing off the hook at Burger King Corporation’s headquarters with franchisees reporting that the point of purchase (POP) merchandising elements are disappearing faster than Spider-Man swings between tall buildings. Everything from Spider-Man window decals, banners and even the Spider-Man Clearance bar element (for the drive-thru) have been reported missing — and are becoming instant collectibles — since first being displayed last weekend. The Burger King Spider-Man 2 promotion began in restaurants on Monday, two days prior to the national launch of the movie, which has reportedly broken all first-day box office records.

“The Burger King ‘Spider-Man 2’ all-family promotion — with a great toy program for children and the Spidey Sense game for adults — is a perfect fit for our ‘Have It Your Way’ customer pledge,” Russ Klein said. “Our promotion, as well as the movie, offers universal appeal to children and adults alike.”

The line-up of products in the Spider-Active Kids Meal toys, all designed to stimulate kids’ interest in activity and outdoor play, includes: the Spidey-Speed Stopwatch, Spidey Web Ball, Spidey’s Super Squirter, Energy Blast Doc Ock, Web Glider Spidey, Throw & Stick Spidey, Spidey Vision Scope and a set of three Spidey Web Flingers. The Spidey Sense game allows the customer to decide which section to play.

Source: Burger King Corporation