Guillermo del Toro Made Hellboy with DVD in Mind

The Hollywood Reporter says Sony’s Hellboy, to be released July 27 on a double-disc DVD, was made for the format, according to the disc’s producer.

“From the very beginning, ‘Hellboy’ lent itself to DVD — from the main character’s prosthesis right hand (‘the right hand of doom’) to the superhero comic book cult nature of the film,” said Javier Soto, a longtime “Hellboy” comic book fan.

The DVD bonus features highlight Soto’s collaborations with the film’s director, Guillermo del Toro, and “Hellboy” creator Mike Mignola.

Having the DVD in mind before shooting “Hellboy,” del Toro had documentary camera crews on hand during the entire length of filming, and he also worked closely with Mignola on the look of the film and the subsequent DVD.

“Our goal was to track the production of ‘Hellboy’ from before the filming even had begun,” Soto said. “In the ‘Hellboy: Seeds of Creation’ documentary on Disc 2 of the DVD, the viewer can witness the blossoming of the relationship between Mignola and del Toro and how everyone worked to make sure that the film was as true to the comic book version.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter