Kirsten Dunst Talks Mary Jane Watson

The Los Angeles Times (via has published a new interview with Kirsten Dunst talking about Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 2. Here’s a clip…

“Mary Jane is a vital role. The love story is the most important part of Spider-Man, and in this movie it even affects his powers and everything he does even more,” she explains. At the end of the first film, Mary Jane declares her love to the boy-man Peter Parker/Spider-Man, who can’t reciprocate. The second one picks up on this dilemma. “Mary Jane has grown up a lot, but Pete has stayed pretty juvenile in his social relationships with Mary Jane. He’s not there for her at all because he has this other thing.” Magic powers and stuff.

This time, Dunst had lots of talks with director Sam Raimi about Mary Jane’s character. “I just wanted her to be very strong in her conversations with Peter. I wanted her to be a thinker and very decisive with him about what’s going on and not pussyfoot around their relationship. I wanted her to be the driving force of what ultimately happens in the story, and I am, and I’m happy about that. She’s the one who takes charge.”

Check out the full interview at the link above.

Source: Los Angeles Times