The Punisher Energy Water Drink Coming

NuBev, Ltd., an affiliate of Continental Beverage & Nutrition, Inc., has announced that The Punisher Energy Water Drink is to be sold nationally through General Nutrition Centers. The first of the three Punisher Energy Water Drink flavors, Punisher Punch, will soon be available through GNC corporate stores throughout the United States.

The Punisher Energy Water Drink is a unique new beverage that is combination energy drink and nutritionally enhanced water. It is a non-carbonated, flavored, and sweetened water drink, with a proprietary nutritional energy formula, and is preservative-free. The first flavor to be introduced is Punisher Punch, and is packaged in a 20-ounce, re-closable plastic bottle, with The Punisher logo prominently displayed on the bottle.

3-D images of The Punisher Energy Water Drink can be seen at

Source: NuBev, Ltd.