Bruce Wayne’s Mom & Sir Michael Caine Talks

Scooper ‘Chonchos’ revealed an interesting casting bit with us for Batman Begins

I was at this film festival in San Francisco called Fearless Tales Genre Fest (website) this weekend and they were showing This really cool indy horror movie called London Voodoo in a “Best of” series. The director was there that evening and I got to talk to him and one of the cool things he mentioned was that his lead actress Sara Stewart has landed the roll of Bruce Wayne’s mom in the new BATMAN BEGINS movie.

More on Stewart can be found here. Meanwhile, ‘John’ pointed us to this interview with Sir Michael Caine in which he talks more about Batman Begins

B.L. I have to tell you that I am very excited to see you in The Batman movie.

M.C. Yes, it will be very good. Christian Bale is going to be Batman.

B.L. Chris Nolan who did Memento is going to direct.

M.C. Yes, Christopher Nolan will be directing and it’s going to be very real and very un-comic bookie, – I’ve just invented that word. Un-comic book because I am not very comic book, I’m pretty real.

The full interview is available at the link above.

Source: Superhero Hype!