Spider-Man 2 TV Spot on Friends Finale!

During Marvel Enterprises’ Quarter 1 Conference Call, Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad announced that there will be a 60 second Spider-Man 2 TV spot on this Thursday’s “Friends” finale, so be sure to tune in! He also mentioned that Sony Pictures will likely get the maximum amount of screens available from theaters (more theaters than the first film, which opened in 3,615). Arad added that the film has an “incredible soundtrack”!

Marvel also released their full Quarter 1 results which you can read here. Here’s how the studio has the company’s upcoming film releases listed:

Spider-Man 2, Sony/Columbia – June 30, 2004

Man-Thing, Fierce/Lions Gate – October 2004

Blade: Trinity, New Line Cinema – December 10, 2004

Elektra, New Regency / Fox – Script, Director, Filming starts May ’04, Feb. 18, 2005 release

Fantastic Four, Fox – Script, Director, Filming starts August ’04, July 2, 2005 release

Iron Man, New Line Cinema – Script, Slated for November 2005 release

Luke Cage, Sony/Columbia – Script

The Punisher 2, Lions Gate – Writer, Director

X-Men 3, Fox – Director, May 3, 2006 release

Namor, Universal Pictures – Script, Slated for Summer ’06

Ghost Rider, Sony – Script, Director, Pre-production, Summer ’06

Black Widow, Lions Gate – Writer, Director, Slated for 2006 release

The Hulk 2, Universal Pictures – Contract

Deathlok, Crystal Sky/Paramount – Script

Spider-Man 3, Sony/Columbia – Director, May 4, 2007 release

Black Panther – TBD

Captain America – TBD

Dr. Strange, Dimension – Contract

Iron Fist, Lions Gate – Contract

Nick Fury – TBD

Thor – TBD

Source: Marvel Enterprises