Bana Hasn’t Been Talked to About Hulk 2

Zap2it talked to Eric Bana, who denied rumors that he may be the next James Bond, and also said that he has yet to be contacted by Universal about The Hulk 2

Bana, who says that he doesn’t have definite plans on what he’s doing next, although a few projects are in the works, also pleads ignorant to plans for a sequel to Ang Lee’s “The Hulk,” which made Universal approximately $242 million in world-wide box office receipts (not including DVD/VHS sales). In early April, producers Gale Anne Hurd and Avi Arad said they were working on a sequel to the film.

However, the project may be on the backburner given that Bana says they haven’t talked to him to repirse the role, even though he is under contract to play Bruce Banner again if Universal does move forward with the project.

Thanks to ‘Johnny’ for the heads up.

Source: Zap2it