Elektra & Fantastic Four Shooting Updates

‘Mark’ from Hollywood North Report sent in this update about the filming of both Fantastic Four and Elektra in Vancouver…

Numerous HNR sources are indicating that Fantastic Four will be setting up a production office this week in Vancouver @ Vancouver Film Studios. VFS has recently played host to I, Robot, Paycheck, X-Men 2, Edison and Battlestar Galactica among numerous other high profile productions.

And in more “news from our sources” Goran Visnjic (ER, Ice Age) has been spotted in town so it’s safe to say he’s now confirmed as having signed on to play the male lead opposite Jennifer Garner in 20th Century Fox’s Elektra set to start production today in Vancouver (in a few hours). We’ll be covering this production very closely so stay tuned for pictures and news from the set.

Source: Hollywood North Report