Various Catwoman Movie Updates

‘Dennis’ has two cool new updates about the Catwoman movie. First up is another image from Jim Lee who visited the set and got to sketch Halle Berry for the comic book adaptation. This could be the cover:

Meanwhile, ‘Dennis’ also translated these interview bits with Sharon Stone from the German TV program TV Movie

In “Catwoman”, she plays a blonde beast à la “Basic Instinct”: As cosmetic concern-boss Laurel Hedare is the 46-years old Stone doing a hot cat-and-mouse game with Catwoman (Halle Berry).

Mrs.Stone,you seem to be a bit tired…

No miracle. We are shooting the last fighting-scene since eight days. My body is full with bruises. I know Schwarzenegger and Stallone both have had the same, but they didn’t have to wear ten Zentimeter (German graduation) high heels during the fight scenes.

Was it a surprise, that you got the “Catwoman”-offer?

I was some kind of shocked. I never thought that they wanted someone in my age for it. And I was relieved, that I don’t have to play the main-part. In my life, there are many changes. That’s the reason why I don’t want to carry a whole movie.

How is the relationship between your character to Halle Berry as Catwoman?

My Character is sexual attracted to Catwoman. That’s the reason why I wanted to kiss her. But the studio said “No”. It was too delicate for them. What a pity, it would have been fun for me.

Also, ‘Robert’ has provided some interesting updates as well. More on the stunt woman who doubled for Sharon Stone can be found here. It looks like Serge Mozhnevsky’s sculpture work was used for part of the shoot. Click here for more on that. It also looks like the cast and crew used Hammermill paper during the shoot…

International Paper recently received an interesting request from Warner Bros. Pictures,Inc., to show paper cartons with the Hammermill name and logo in their feature film currently titled “Catwoman”. Based on a character created by DC Comics, the movie stars Halle Berry as Patience Philips, a mild mannered graphic artist. In this new adventure, Patience is murdered in order to keep her silent about an accidental discovery she made. An ancient myth is played out when an Egyptian Mao cat, indebted to Patience for saving its own life, breathes life back into the young woman. Patience is reborn with an independent attitude, carefree behavior and the heightened senses of a cat. Now she must investigate the circumstances behind her murder, and learn to accept both parts of herself.

“Our production department uses Hammermill Paper for all our photocopying needs, so we have lots of boxes at our disposal,” said Victoria James, Clearance Coordinator for “Catwoman” at Warner Brothers. “The boxes and paper will be in the scenes which take place in Patience’s office workplace. Her character is a graphic artist, working in the art department of a cosmetics company”. This PG-13 rated film will be released worldwide this summer.

Source: Superhero Hype!