UPDATED: Batman Begins Mill Hill Set Pictures!!

It’s not hard to confirm yesterday’s news that the Batman Begins production is shooting at Mill Hill today, considering we were just sent a bunch of pictures! Thanks to ‘Malkie’, here’s your first look at the Arkham Asylum set located at the National Institute for Medical Research and what is being filmed tonight (spoilers ahead):

I’m just back from hanging around on the set. I did see Nolan directing, but not any of the major stars.

The action sequences they were filming while I was there were an attack on the Arkham Asylum by a combination of the GSPD, and a SWAT team. Basically 6 GSPD cars drove into the courtyard followed by two SWAT vans (the big black ones), and a huge SWAT APC. About 50 or so SWAT guys run out of the vans and up the stairs into the Asylum

I have no idea how much more they are filming there, but apparently they are filming until 6am, so there could be loads more.

Next up is ‘Craig’ who spotted some interesting vehicles…

Just to confirm yesterday’s news regarding filming in Mill Hill, North London. I’ve just gone past the National Institute for Medical Research and there’s a lot of activity with lighting trucks and cranes, not to mention the extra security. I managed to get a couple of pictures of a SWAT van parked on a trailer just down the road. Only had my phone on me so they’re not great.

And ‘It’s Me’ has more on yesterday’s location…

The first pic is (obviously) the notice sign. The 2nd pic is the the Biosciences Building main room ‘Gotham Police Department – 37th Precinct’

Source: Superhero Hype!