Terence Stamp Confirmed as Stick in Elektra

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that “The Haunted Mansion” star Terence Stamp will play Stick in Elektra

Terence Stamp, who played the superpowered villain General Zod in 1980’s “Superman II,” is finalizing a return to the comic book genre with a role in Regency Enterprises and 20th Century Fox’s “Elektra.” Rob Bowman is directing the “Daredevil” spinoff from Marvel Studios. Jennifer Garner toplines. As the title character in “Elektra,” Garner will play a beautiful and deadly assassin who was trained by the Hand, a clan of mystical ninjas. When she turns her back on them, they want her head. Stamp is in final negotiations to play Stick, Elektra’s blind mentor, who has fighting abilities of his own.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter