Catwoman Teaser Trailer Coming Soon?

Catwoman Unofficial reports that we may see the Catwoman teaser trailer early next month…

You have been waiting for months, sending in e-mails asking when the CATWOMAN trailer will be released! While an official announcement has yet to be made from WB, expect the first theatrical trailer to debut with NEW YORK MINUTE (May 7) or TROY (May 14). To get your first glimpse of the film on the silver screen, these are the two films to watch out for. Our money’s on TROY.

A trailer is also set to run with prints of the third HARRY POTTER film (June 4). This could very well be trailer #2, but we’re not positive on that just yet. Right now, there are only two trailers planned for CATWOMAN, according to our source.

Stay tuned for more updates on the teaser trailer.

Source: Catwoman Unofficial