Rebecca Romijn-Stamos on Playing Mystique Again

The Age talked to The Punisher star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos about returning as Mystique in X-Men 3

She’s preparing to begin filming X-Men 3, where she will once again play the mutant Mystique. It sounds at times as if she prefers to play more human characters.

“No, I love Mystique,” she insists.”People have been waiting their whole lives for these characters to be brought to life. And you don’t want to let down the fan base and we definitely felt that pressure. But when you deliver, they are so appreciative. So for the rest of my life I get to be the person that people identify, the actor that people identify with Mystique. That is a huge thrill. You think of Christopher Reeve as Superman, or Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Wow. I get to be Mystique for the rest of my life.”

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Source: The Age