Sony Pulling Out All the Stops for Spider-Man 2

The International Herald Tribune has a report on the merchandising for Spider-Man 2

There will be the obligatory fast-food tie-in, with Burger King in the United States and elsewhere. And, of course, a video game. But look out, too, for Spider-Man at soccer tournaments in Spain. Even a postage stamp is planned. “You’ll be seeing the Spider-Man web pop up in some amazing places,” Jeff Blake, vice chairman of Sony Pictures, said in an interview. He would not say which country agreed to put Spider-Man on a stamp.

But Sony is pulling out all the stops as it prepares for the release of the latest megabudget Hollywood sequel, spending $100 million or more to market a film that it hopes will rake in more than the $800 million the original “Spider-Man” earned worldwide at the box office.

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Source: International Herald Tribune