Mike Elizalde Talks Blade: Trinity Creatures

In a Fangoria interview with effects company Spectral Motion’s Mike Elizalde on Hellboy, he also mentions the creatures we can expect in Blade: Trinity in December. Here’s a clip (with spoilers)…

On Elizalde’s office wall is a design for one of the new BLADE ghouls they had to come up with, a rather demonic, spike-covered creature carrying a sword.

“This character is called Drake, and that’s the ‘beast’ version of him,” Elizalde explains. “Drake looks like a person throughout most of the film, but then toward the end he becomes something else—something that has only been hinted at throughout the film.

For more on this creature, and a second one as well, hit the link above! Thanks to ‘JDhapUK’ for the heads up.

Source: Fangoria