Mike Elizalde on X-Men 3 F/X

Development-Hell.com has posted a great interview with Spectral Motion’s Mike Elizalde in which he talks about designing the new characters for X-Men 3. Here’s a clip:

It’s a different experience than working with Tim Story. Brett Ratner is a very passionate and driven guy, he is very demanding, which again puts us back in that situation where we’re reaching a *little* bit further [laughs], ‘ok, you’re gonna get out of your comfort zone again, and you’re gonna come up with something really, really amazing.’ It’s very stimulating to be in that position. I think it’s a good way to really end up with something at the end of the show that is a signature piece for the company that will be remembered, like Abe Sapien was, that was a real crowning moment for us when we achieved that design. And now we’re going after this, with the Beast design, and the other characters that we’re dealing with, it’s a golden opportunity for something really special to happen.

Check out the full interview at the link above!

Source: FilmFreak