Hey folks, Mirko reporting here from Las Vegas where Sony Pictures just held the incredible Spider-Man 2 trailer event at the Paris hotel. The press first entered into a hallway which was decorated with huge posters from Spider-Man 2 and red lights everywhere set the mood. We were handed a cool Spidey 2 gift bag that included the 12″ Doc Ock and Spidey figures as well as a new hat and a network card. After an anticipated wait, we finally got to enter the big theater at the hotel and then it began.

We sat down and noticed webs on the ceiling, and I mean big webs! Four acrobats dressed in black clothing with the Spidey symbol all over them also started dropping from the ceiling, it was quite spectacular. The theater was packed and finally the show started with an introduction to the trailer by Sony Pictures Vice Chairman Jeff Blake. He first announced that Spider-Man 2 will hit theaters two days early, on June 30! Then the huge four panels in front of the theater – featuring Spidey, Doc Ock, MJ and Peter – lifted and the screen appeared. The trailer was going to be presented in digital, and that really added a bunch with absolutely perfect sound.

Honestly, after seeing the long fight clip between Spidey & Doc Ock (I’ll get to that later) much of the trailer has become a blur. I do remember that the trailer left me with my mouth wide open, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen – be sure to crank up the stereo when this puppy hits the internet the week of April 9! It will also start playing in theaters on that date. Here’s what I remember, in case you’re ready to find out. The trailer starts of with Aunt May talking about responsibility and shows some awesome Spidey effects (Spidey flying so low to the ground on a street he’s going by cars, anyone??). Then we see scenes with Dylan Baker as Curt Connors teaching class. The Spidey stuff kicks up quick though. We first learn that Peter Parker doesn’t think he needs to be Spidey anymore to do good, so he trashes the costume. But when the need arises – a building is on fire – he realizes he’s not wearing the costume underneath his clothes, so he can’t change to help out. The trailer also shows how the tentacles are first inserted into Doc’s back, and how they become permanent. We see some awesome webslinging throughout the clip, rendered beautifully and giving the trailer a big impact. One I can distinctly remember is Spidey swinging at full speed and squeezing through a vehicle (a tram perhaps?) Speaking of impact, could the makers of the trailer have picked any better music? It’s a pulsating music that really drives the message home – that Spidey is back this summer in a huge way. We see much more of the cafe scene where Doc Ock gives Peter Parker a pounding. We also see more of the scene where Harry Osborn captures Spidey and is about to go for the reveal…

When the trailer was over, it received a big applause from the audience, which was well deserved. Spidey dropped down from the ceiling, and the sound of rain started playing, to suggest that he was going to kiss the Sony Pictures’ Jeff Blake just as he did with MJ in the first film. It was pretty funny. Director Sam Raimi and producers Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin came out to thank the exhibitors (the theater owners this show was put on for) for the success of the first Spider-Man and with them saying this film is everything times 2! Sam was damn funny when he spoke, making jokes about how his wife doesn’t mind him coming to Las Vegas for business, etc.

Then we got a huge treat for the night, something that I don’t think anyone of us was expecting (SPOILERS ahead). Sony Pictures screened, for the first time ever, a very long clip of Spider-Man fighting Doc Ock in the sequel. The rough clip (not all the effects were completed) starts off exactly as you see in the teaser trailer, with Spidey swinging through the buildings and then you see him in Doc Ock’s glasses. Doc Ock climbs up the building and Spidey swings down to the pole atop the building just above Doc Ock. He yells at him, “where is she?!” Doc Ock says something, which I can’t recall, and they start battling. And I mean battling! Punches are flying left and right (think of Ock’s tentacles on this one) and Spidey gets thrown down the building. He shoots two things which hit Doc Ock and then they fall down to the train going underneath. They are shown tumbling because of the speed of the train. Then the train fight begins, which features them throwing each other around, punching through the windows to get to each other, etc. Doc tosses Spidey from the train down to the street below, but Spidey is able to catch the train by shooting his web. While he’s trying to make it back to the train, Doc starts tossing people from the train towards him, who Spidey has to save by creating webs that they fall in – which will be a sight to see! When he gets back to the train, Doc Ock rips out the train’s controls and says something like, “you’ve got a train to save”, to Spidey. Doc takes off and it’s up to Spidey to stop the train before it derails and plunges down into the water. He first tries by using his feet on the tracks in front of the train, which doesn’t work. Then he shoots webs to the buildings on both sides, which hold for a bit but then they break. Then he decides to shoot multiple webs to the buildings on each side which he has to struggle big time to hold onto, in order to stop the train. He’s able to stop it bearily, but he’s so exhausted he nearly drops down into the water below – but the people on the train help him back in. All this time, he’s not been wearing his mask and all the people see who he is. But they respect him so much, that they give back his mask and say that they won’t tell anyone. He puts it back on and Doc Ock returns! He’s at the front of the train car and says something. The people on the train tell Doc that he’ll have to go through them first in order to get to Spidey. Doc says, “okay” and rips them to each side with his tentacles, as if they are toothpicks. Spidey gets punched and the clip zooms in on the Spider symbol and stops.

Then Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst came out to thank the exhibitors for all the support. Tobey even joked saying he used to pay for one movie and sneak into three, cut in line, etc. Then all of the talent are brought on stage together and Jeff Blake announces that Spider-Man 3 will hit theaters on May 4, 2007 and that all of them will be back!

Source: Superhero Hype!