New Spider-Man 2 Updates

‘The Lizard’ pointed us to some great coverage on Spider-Man 2 from the recent Wizard World convention in Los Angeles. First up, SHH! message board member ‘Orko Is King’ posted his description of the footage from the film that was shown (Spoilers if you’d rather not know)…

Harry is talking to some old guy for a few seconds. Then the old guy leaves and harry hears some loud thuds coming from outside. He goes out to the balcony where the thuds get louder and louder. Then a tentacle juts out and pushes harry on the floor. Doc Ock appears and they get into a heated argument (I forget about what). Ock then dangles Harry over the ledge of the balcony.

Sounds very cool. You can now also read the entire transcription of the Spidey 2 panel from the convention, with Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad and star James Franco, by going here!

And last, but certainly not least, ‘Spidey_lk’ sent us links to a first look at Spider-Man 2 cereal boxes that are appearing on shelves in Switzerland…

Inside, there is small “lance-water” of different models. There are 4 of them to collect and one sees there various images of promotion of film, a new image who had not appeared yet on the Net.

You can check out pictures of those promos here, here and here.

Source: The Lizard