The Latest Bits on Warner Bros.’ Catwoman

‘Flipside’ pointed us to Catwoman Unofficial which has an excerpt from a new article on the Catwoman movie. Here’s what Halle Berry said about the movie to Total Film

“First of all, she’s a totally different character. Her name is Patience Philips, not Selina Kyle, which lets fans know that the film is going to be entirely seperate from BATMAN RETURNS. The biggest difference is that this is Catwoman’s film. She’s the hero and she doesn’t have to rely of Batman, or anyone else…”

“The costume tells you a lot about the character. Patience is murdered and resurrected by an Egyptian Mao cat, then Patience becomes a cat and is in conflict between her human self and her cat self…the costume reflects that.”

“No, this isn’t about Batman. We’re telling fans that we’re starting brand new with CATWOMAN. The thing about her is that she’s so independent, she doesn’t need a man to take care of her.”

There’s also soundtrack news from the site…

Composer, Graeme Revell (Daredevil, Freddy vs. Jason) and electronica wizard, William Orbit (The Beach) are teaming up for the quick, pulsating, and vibrant score for CATWOMAN. The film features a plethora of action, quickness and attitude, which both Revell and Orbit will be able to compliment.

Source: Catwoman Unofficial