Snocore’s Punisher Footage & the Elektra Soundtrack

Variety says The Punisher is getting an on-stage push…

Marvel’s “The Punisher,” being released by Lions Gate, is receiving an extensive promo push from its soundtrack partner, Wind-up, and the multiple-act tour Winterfresh Snocore. Footage from “The Punisher” is being screened onstage at Snocore concerts between acts, four of which are on the Snocore soundtrack being released by Wind-up.

It is believed to be the first time a record company has partnered with a tour to promote a movie.

Wind-up, home to mega-sellers Creed, Evanescence and the soundtrack to “Daredevil,” will release the “Punisher” soundtrack March 23. Snocore, which started its 50-date run March 4, stops April 14, two days before the release of the film, and restarts a week later.

The trade adds that Marvel hopes to work together with Wind-up on the upcoming Elektra soundtrack as well…

“Until ‘Daredevil,’ I had very little understanding of the potential of soundtracks,” says Avi Arad, president and CEO of Marvel Studios and producer of “The Punisher” with Gale Anne Hurd. “The ideas Steve and Wind-up bring us are the ways we want to do business.”

Arad is hopeful Marvel and Wind-up will work together again on Fox’s “Elektra,” which is penciled in for a Presidents Day release in 2005.

Source: Variety