More on the Spider-Man 2 12 Minutes & Tie-Ins

‘Pablo Parker’ sent in this bit on the recent showing of the 12 minutes of Spider-Man 2 in Tokyo…

I was just watching the news in Antena 3, and they showed a new about the 12 minutes of Spidey in Tokyo.

“When the 2nd part has still not being released, they already have plans for the third one. The famous superhero is coming back this summer…” I heard that and a was like “What the…”. Yes, they were talking about Spidey.

They talked about how much the first one had made and all that stuff… and showed some scenes of the teaser (nothing new). And some images of Tobey (with a beard…) in Tokyo, presenting these 12 minutes… They didn’t show any new image of the movie, but they said that those who saw it were not disappointed and said that it was most exciting and better made than the first movie.

‘the_dark’ also tells us about yet another tie-in for the sequel…

Hey, I was shopping with my girlfriend today and we were in the dairy section of the super market when we stumbled across a pack of Spider-Man 2 choclate deserts! I think they are released by Nestle over here, I’m going to try and get my hands on a pack on our next shopping trip and I’ll scan the inlay, looked very cool.

And ‘Spidey Watch’ says to expect some cool new lenticular 3-D cups…

More tie-in with Spider-Man 2. A company called Digital Replay will be creating the art for lenticular 3-d cups that will be sold all over the world at movie theaters and food chains. Look out for them they are very cool.

Source: Pablo Parker, the_dark