Daniel Gillies on a Spider-Man 2 Scene

USA Today caught up with Spider-Man 2 stars Kirsten Dunst and Daniel Gillies at the premiere of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”…

In the film, which opens March 19, Ruffalo and Dunst play “mind erasers” who dance together on a bed wearing only their skivvies.

Dunst said such sexy scenes cause no discord in her real-life romance. “Oh, Jake doesn’t care about that stuff,” she scoffed. “He’s my man. He doesn’t need to feel threatened.”

That held true when Gyllenhaal popped up on the set of Dunst’s upcoming summer release, Spider-Man 2.

Premiere guest Daniel Gillies, who’ll marry actress Rachael Leigh Cook later this year, plays Dunst’s Spidey 2 astronaut fiancé and recalls, “Jake only turned up on set two days, and one of those days coincided with a day when Kirsten and I were being quite intimate. I was aware he was there but just zoned him out.”

Source: USA Today