Spectral Motion to Give Hellboy FX Presentation

On March 14, special effects house Spectral Motion will give a special presentation at the “Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention” at 1:00pm…

MIKE ELIZALDE, the president of SPECTRAL MOTION, will have a ten minute film presentation on how THE CORPSE, ABE SAPIEN, and SAMMAEL characters were created for the new movie HELLBOY.

SPECTRAL MOTION is a company that creates creature effects, props, and make-up effects for film, and they are currently working on BLADE: TRINITY. SPECTRAL MOTION will also have an exhibit during the 1:00 P.M. presentation of THE CORPSE and MECHA GLOVE. BRIAN STEELE, who fit in the SAMMAEL costume, will also appear.

SPECTRAL MOTION also developed the HELLBOY toy line for SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES, and they will also have an exhibit of the toys.

HELLBOY KEYCHAINS are scheduled to be given away to everyone starting in the morning while supplies last. HELLBOY T-SHIRTS are in limited quantity and will be given away with the RESERVED SEAT TICKET.

The Punisher star Laura Harring will also be in attendance at the convention, as will “Lord of the Rings” star Sean Astin and “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” stars David Carradine and Michael Jai White. Click here for more details on how to attend!

Source: Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention