Halle Berry Talks Catwoman & X-Men 3

Empire Online chatted with Halle Berry about “Gothika” which is getting an April 2 UK release. The Catwoman and X-Men 3 movies also came up…

You recently finished filming Catwoman-

Last night!

There has been some controversy over the Catwoman costume – what do you think of the look of the film? Are you pleased with it?

I love the look of the film. I think it’s very modern, it’s edgy, it’s very much reflective of the 21st century and who women are today and who we are evolving into. As far as the negativity, you know, there’s always negativity. I also remind myself that there was a lot of negativity around X-Men – on the internet particularly with comic book afficionados. Nothing we did on that movie made them happy initially. By the time it was all said and done at the end of the second movie they loved it. So I think we’re all taking it with a little grain of salt. We tried to stay true to what our story was, and honestly make it different to the ones of the past, because if you were to make it the same there’d be no point to make a new one, unless you change it and push Catwoman forward into the 21st century.

So will you go back for X3?

I don’t know. I haven’t been offered it and I don’t know if there’ll be an X-Men 3 yet.

Visit the link above for the full interview. Thanks to ‘Dennis Weber’ for the heads up.

Source: Empire Online