More Batman Crew & Article on Cardington Hangar

‘Robert’ alerted us that the Film Designer’s Guild UK have released info on who’s working on Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Intimidation Game. Here’s the rundown:

-Peter Francis (Hellboy, Harry Potter) – Art Director

-Steven Lawrence (Titanic, Harry Potter) – Art Director

-Stuart Kearns (Hellboy, Die Another Day) – Art Director

-James Hambidge (Hellboy, Die Another Day) – Art Director (Models)

-Susan Whitaker (Tomb Raider 1 and 2, Die Another Day) – Assistant Art Director

-Simon Lamont (Hellboy, Die Another Day) – Supervising Art Director

-Sarah Robinson (Around the World in 80 Days, Die Another Day) – Art Department Coordinater

-Guy Bradley (Hellboy, Tomb Raider 2) – Senior Draughtsman

-Toby Britton (Hellboy, Die Another Day) – Draughtsman

-Jordan A.Crockett (Harry Potter 2, 3, 4) – Draughtsman

-Remo Tozzi (Hellboy, Below) – Draughtsman

-Charles Leatherland (Thunderbirds, Johny English) – Draushtsperson

-Martin Asbury (Troy, Resident Evil) – Storyboard Artist

-Larry Frankau – Line Producer

-Nigel Gostelow (Alexander the Great, Agent Cody Banks 2) – Unit Production Manager

-Chris Holt – Location Manager (Bedford)

-Neil Chaplin (Around the World in 80 Days) – Production Accoutant

-Kelly Johnson (Troy, Die Another Day) – Production Accountant

-Karen Alder (Alexander, Die Another Day) – Production Accountant

Meanwhle, BBC News has up an article on the Cardington Hangar that will be used for the film by Warner Bros.

The giant building at Cardington, which is 150ft high and 800ft long, was once used for the construction of airships.

For the next two years it is being rented by Warner Bros.

The hangar, one of two which can be seen for miles around, is in easy reach of London’s Shepperton Studios where most filming will take place.

The movie, called The Intimidation Game, will star Christian Bale as Batman and Sir Michael Caine as Alfred the butler.

The set will take nearly three months to complete with filming due to start at Cardington in April.

Check out the full article at the link above.

Source: Robert