UPDATE: Ray Park Talks Iron Fist!

StarWars.com reports that Ray Park chats about the big screen Iron Fist adaptation in Star Wars #49, the official magazine of the UK Star Wars Fan Club.

Stuntman-turned-actor Ray Park, best known to Star Wars fans as Darth Maul, the demonic apprentice to Darth Sidious, chats about life before, during and after The Phantom Menace, plus he reveals the latest on his role as Danny Rand in the upcoming Marvel comic adaptation, Iron Fist.

UPDATE: ‘Dan from Manchester’ has gotten a hold off the magazine and tells us…

A friend of mine, called Swampy, get’s a copy of the Star Wars Mag every Month and has just purchased copy #49 here in the UK. Basically Parks just tells abit of the story how Rand grew up with Mystical Asian Monks, and gets his superpowers through the ability to control his chi, his body energy, into his fist.

He says he hadn’t heard of the comic but his dad had so he’s spent hundreds of dollars on the comics, he admits it’s going to be challenging playing his first hero role after Darth Maul and Toad. It also says The Big Hit director Kirk Wong has been signed to lead the movie.

Is Kirk Wong (“The Big Hit”) still directing? That may be the case. Last year Steve Carr had said he was taking over the director’s chair, but he has moved onto other movies.

Source: StarWars.com, Dan from Manchester