A Second Source Confirms the Batmobile’s Look?

We’ve had a second source write in saying the Batmobile for Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie looks like this previous description we received. Here’s ‘Evolution 23’ with the word…

Heard from a friend who knows a guys (sounds very cliche) who was involved with a process on the Batmobile. He was sworn to secrecy about it and so was I but I felt it my duty as a huge Batman fan to mention that the first description of the car with the monster truck wheels seems about right, with the car being extremely wide and a middle bit that will come lose from what was described to me similar to Batman Returns when he goes through the tight alley and the sides come off. However, this one is more likely to expand and retract. It will shoot fire/fire balls as one of it’s gizmos and that’s all I can remember.

We’ll have to wait and see if these reports are accurate, it’s just too early to tell right now.

Source: Evolution 23