DC Comics Has 3 Rings for Batman Movie

In a second article in Variety, the Hollywood trade talked to DC Comics about their role in the new Batman movie.

The company has what it calls a circle of “three rings” that make up the Batman universe.

There’s the “aspirational experience,” which Levitz says consists of how people react emotionally to the Bruce Wayne character, his traumatic childhood involving the death of his parents and how that leads the billionaire to use his riches to fight crime.

“It’s all about making you feel that if you went through something traumatic, you’d rise to the challenge in the same way,” Levitz says.

The second ring: “You go to a Batman movie expecting certain moments,” Levitz says. “You expect to see the Batmobile, the Batcave, the Bat Signal, his utility belt, Batman swinging across Gotham City. That’s your wow.”

Another expectation is the prospect of seeing something that hasn’t appeared in other Batman outings. “There’s always the question of how do you give the audience something they haven’t seen before,” Levitz says.

The final ring deals with the creative interpretation that the director, writers and actors bring to the project.

“They each want to bring things that are unique, but they can’t fight the other rings of the circle,” Levitz says. “It would be unique to have Batman tripping over himself, but that wouldn’t be good.”

DC will remain largely hands-off during production of the new “Batman.”

Levitz stresses that DC’s role is adviser. It doesn’t have final script approval.

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Source: Variety