New Spider-Man 2 Toy & Original Series on DVD

‘Sy’ sent us this update on another Spider-Man 2 toy…

It appears to be the Toybiz Ock’s tentacles smashing through some windows at a kicking Spidey figure. Does not show Ock, but still cool to look at.

You can check that out here. Also, ‘Tom’ from has details on the original animated Spidey series and “Spider-Man Vs. Doc Ock” coming to DVD.

Buena Vista have also sent us over the first details on Spider-Man: The ’67 Classic Collection which brings together all fifty-two fully restored classic Spider-Man episodes from the original 1967 TV series. It will be available to own from the 29th June this year and should set you back somewhere in the region of $19.99. You will also be able to pickup Spider-Man Vs Doc Ock from the same day for around $19.99.

For more details, visit the link above.

Source: Superhero Hype!