More Info on Animated The Batman Series

Toon Zone has more on the upcoming The Batman animated series coming to Kids’ WB! and Cartoon Network next season.

According to the deal, Kids’ WB! will air the half-hour show on Saturday mornings next fall, with Cartoon Network starting its run some six months later. The Batman looks at the hero in his mid-twenties, when he lives in a bachelor pad surrounded by hyper-modern Bat-gadgets and drives a souped-up Batmobile.

During the series, he’ll meet each of the story’s famed villains––Penguin, Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Mr. Freeze––for the first time. U2’s The Edge performs the show’s theme song.

Visit the link above for more on this. Thanks to ‘The Frog-Man’ for the heads up.

Source: Toon Zone