Ron Perlman Broke a Rib on the Hellboy Set

Sci Fi Wire reports that Ron Perlman broke a rib on the Hellboy set…

Ron Perlman, who plays the title role in the upcoming comic adaptation Hellboy, told SCI FI Wire that he injured himself performing one of the film’s elaborate stunts. “I broke a rib jumping onto a train that was coming towards me,” Perlman said in an interview. “It was going about 45 [mph].”

Perlman admitted that he was a bit surprised that the movie’s stunt coordinators allowed him to do the gag himself. “They took a shot,” Perlman joked. Seriously, Perlman said, he’s always open to doing stunt work. “I do [stunts whenever] somebody says, ‘This is safe, Ron, I think you can do this.'”

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Source: Sci Fi Wire